Neotek Cleaning & Maintenance

Neotek offers exceptional durability and with the correct care and maintenance will retain its beauty for years to come.  Please follow the below guidelines to ensure years of reliable performance with the peace of mind that comes with a 15 Year Warranty.

Cleaning Guide

Neotek Quartz Surfaces are resistant to acids and alkalis, tea, soda, wine, vinegar, fruit juice stains and other cooking ingredients due to their inherently low porous structure. 

For day to day cleaning a gentle liquid detergent applied then mopped and rinsed with clean water will suffice to keep your Neotek surface clean and looking fresh, the simplest way you can care for your countertops is to ensure that any food or drink spill is cleaned thoroughly straight away before it has the chance to become a permanent stain.     

•Most Bleach Free Kitchen & Bathroom Product are suitable for Neotek Quartz Surfaces just check the label states that the product is suitable for Natural Stone.

•Textured Sponges and Cloths are fine for tougher marks but leave the wire wool or anything with a metallic cleaning surface for the pots and pans. 

•Microfibre cloths are great for buffing dry worktops for a deeper shine after cleaning. 

Remember that detergents containing bleach and hard scouring granules may harm surfaces over the time. Therefore, pay due attention and meticulous care in detergent selection and use water to thoroughly cleanse the surfaces off any detergent residues after treatment.

Food, drink spills do have the potential to become stubborn stains if not immediately removed. 

For paint, nail enamel, chewing gum, mustard and grease that become which has dried and become hard to remove when dried gently remove excess with a soft plastic spatula before cleaning. 

Never allow any cleaning products to dry to the surface of the quartz before it is rinsed.

Do not let any rust or lime form into stain.

Solvents, Bleaches & Chemicals

To Be used with Caution

Trichloroethene – May be used to remove specific stains, must be rinsed thoroughly from surface following scrubbing.

Acetone – May be used to remove specific stains must be removed with clean water following use.

Bleach – Should not be used for regular cleaning and can remove sheen from worktops if left on surface for extended periods of time.

Paint Thinners – Maybe used to removed specific stains provided area is rinsed and cleaned immediately with clean water.

Do not use under any circumstances the following products:

Hydrofluoric acid, Dichloromethane, Caustic soda, paint strippers, or cleaning products containing Sulfamic acid, Phosphoric acid, any alkaline cleaning product with a PH higher than 10, Any chlorine based products, degreasers or oven cleaner.

Hot pans

Neotek Quartz offers high performance in terms of heat resistance however should never place hot pans directly onto your Neotek Quartz surface as they can occasionally cause serious consequences to the appearance and structural stability of the material. It is always recommended to use a pan stand/trivet on which to place hot objects after using them to cook.

General Care Guide

Do not use sealants or water repellent treatments or coatings

 All-ways us a trivet or hot pad do not place hot pans directly on surfaces.

Do not install Neotek Slabs externally or internally with UV lighting.

Over the products lifetime exposure to UV rays may have a limited effect on its colouration or shade.

All stone, including engineered stone such as Quartz , will chip. Chips usually occur around high-use areas like sinks or dishwashers where pots, pans, plates, etc. hit or bang into the surfaces. 

Neotek Quartz has more resistance to chipping than granite/marble, but it is possible to chip Neotek Quartz. Most chips can be repaired but this is not always possible. 

All stone including Neotek Quartz has the potential to crack due to mistreatment or incorrect installation. This will usually occur due to heavy force or high temperatures being applied to the surface, and/or improper or uneven support under the countertop. Some cracks can be repaired or minimized.